May 2016

Schaffer halves job time.

May 2015

Schaffer celebrates 10 years of being tough with trees.

March, 2015

Built in Germany from quality components, there is no messing about when you're in the presence of the tough Schaffer 3550 Articulated Loader!

Fleet Newsletter February 2014 - WALGA

Schaffer Loaders proudly offer WALGA Members the best in German engineered loaders and mini loaders backed by Australian service.

July 2012 - German-built Schaffer a Proven Performer for Australian Councils

After years of being put through their paces in Local Government, Schaffer articulated loaders have emerged proven performers.

May 2012 - Schaffer Scoop

Schaffer stands for local government.

November 2011 - Schaffer Scoop

Why is Schaffer top of the tree with arborists? Check out the action - watch the video now!

October 2011 - Schaffer 9300Z Wheel Loader Scores Top Test Results

Schaffer wheel loader wins best tipping load, highest torque and lowest fuel consumption even with the biggest engine!

September 2011 - Schaffer Wins Comparison Test 2436

Schaffer mini digger ranks clear winner over seven other loader brands and saves customers money every hour.

June 2011 - Two Schaffers Better than One for Growing Trees

A Schaffer 3033 mini digger proved so successful they added a second Schaffer mini digger to their fleet.

May 2011 - Schaffer Scoop

Is Schaffer the ultimate multi-tasker? 8 tools in 18 seconds - watch the video now!

February 2011 - Schaffer Scoop

New German supermodel in town! Introducing the 2336 mini digger.

November 2010 - Schaffer 5058ZS Loader Rocks Landscape Yard

July 2010

Flower Business Blooms with Schaffer 3033S Mini Digger

July 2010

Designed to Run Mulchers, Road Profilers, Just About Anything!

July 2010

Schaffer Front End Loaders Clock Up 20,000 Working Hours

October 2009 - Schaffer Scoop

Loaders Gain Ground on Skid Steers

April 2009 - Schaffer Articulated Loader 2026

Schaffer Mini Loader Grows Money on Trees

April 2009 - Schaffer Articulated Loader 3150

Schaffer Loader Eases Load for Landscapers

February 2008 - Schaffer Scoop Issue

Drum roll, please! We are happy to present the first issue of our newsletter!

October 2008 - New Schaffer Articulated Telehandler Series with SCV Cab

July 2008 - Schaffer Articulated Loader 3150

A Tree Farmer Branches Out.

July 2008 - Schaffer Articulated Loader 2026

Top Of The Tree

July 2008 - Schaffer Articulated Loader 3150

A Natural Choice for Landscaping

July 2008 - Schaffer Articulated Forktruck 5058

Chicken Business Takes Flight

July 2008 - Schaffer Articulated Loader 3033

Building Better With Multi-Tasking

July 2008 - Schaffer Skid Steer Replacement Articulated Loader 3150

One Hot Performer at The Smelter

November 2005 - Schaffer telescopic loaders 670T and 690T

With improved lifting height and all-round view

October 2005 - Schaffer 5070Z and 5090Z

The strongest compact wheel loaders of their class!

October 2005 - Schaffer 3033

Strongest loader in test

September 2005 - Schaffer 9100Z

The new wheel loader with greater elevation and power

August 2005 - Schaffer 3150

The new compact loader with enormous lifting power