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Schaffer Loaders specialises in agile compact loaders with outstanding versatility.

Welcome to Schaffer Loaders, Australia's foremost supplier of industrial quality German built loaders.

Schaffer has been Europe's leading name in loaders for over 50 years. Built to last using the finest componentry and German engineering, the Schaffer name is synonymous with quality, durability and performance.

See Schaffers in action

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SchafferSchaffer Wheel Loader 2445 S - Walk-around EN Sandra takes you on a machine walk-around, this time with the 2445 S wheel loader.

Schaffer Loader in Action! Schaffer articulated front end loaders in tree work loppers, arborists, nursery & landscaping

Schaffer Mini Loader 2445 working in a nursery in Perth, Australia.

Customer testimonials

The back-up from Schaffer Loaders has been excellent."

Randle Beavis
Specialised Tree Services
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Schaffer had no problem in customising the articulated forklift at the factory for whatever configuration we needed. Cameron came to our workplace many times, with tape measure in hand, to measure and re-measure the masts we were using on our older machines."

Darren Walker
Team Livestock
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We've used it non-stop with only routine maintenance and the parts back-up is excellent."

Steven Richards
Toyota Materials Handling Hire for Hydro Aluminum Smelter
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So many reasons to choose Schaffer!

German strength and performance for higher productivity

Schaffer loaders are engineered in Germany for superior strength and performance, which translates to higher productivity in your business. Here are just a few of the reasons why Schaffer loaders are simply the best.

Australia's most popular skid steer replacement

Many landscapers, earthmovers, councils, arborists and other industry groups are looking for an alternative to skid steers. They want a loader that doesn't twist up the ground. Skid steers skid to turn and can rip up everything from asphalt to backyard landscaping. This leads to time wasted top dressing when it could be put towards the next job. Schaffer loaders are becoming Australia's most popular skid steer replacement.

Number one in independent tests

In 2011 the Schaffer 2436 mini digger scored highest overall when rated on six key criteria against seven other comparable mini loaders in independent testing by European industry magazine Koneviesti. Read the full story here.

Also in 2011 the Schaffer 9300Z wheel loader won against 5 major competitors when rated by Agrar magazine including best pushing power, highest lifting and dumping heights, most powerful engine, lowest fuel consumption and largest tipping load! Read the full story here.

Compact size

Schaffer loaders are a true industrial quality compact articulated loader. Built relatively narrow with a low centre of gravity, they can get into areas other loaders can't. This allows Australian workers, for the first time, to use an articulated loader to work in tight situations instead of a skid steer. Schaffer's don't dig up the ground with their tyres, are easy on your back and enjoy amazing all-round visibility over a skid steer.

Massive lift capacity

Schaffer loaders have a long wheelbase and this, combined with the loader';s weight being concentrated behind the rear axle, gives an unparalleled lift capacity with amazing stability. Schaffer loaders are heavy machines for their compact size, which further adds to superior lift compared to lighter mini loaders, particularly in rough terrain.


Schaffer loaders generally have 20% greater articulation, which means agility in confined spaces. A truck can be parked closer to a stockpile with the benefit of using less fuel and working faster. Articulation angles range from 60 degrees in the mini loaders to 47 degrees in the front end loader and wheel loader ranges.

Oscillating articulation joint

Schaffer loaders now have a three year or 3000 hour warranty on the articulation joint - the longest on the market. The oscillating articulation joint gives a great ride for the operator because it functions as suspension in rough terrain and keeps all wheels on the ground. The operator can work faster and harder as they are not being jolted about and this means higher productivity. The oscillating articulation joint is standard on the mini loader, mini digger skid steer substitute and articulated loader ranges.

Oscillating rear axle

Normally only found on large wheel loaders, an oscillating rear axle is used by Schaffer in the front end loader and wheel loader ranges. This system allows all the loader';s operating weight to act as a lever on the bucket, gaining greater breakout. The oscillating rear axle also adds to driver comfort, acting in a similar way to suspension by reducing the jolting force in rough environments. It provides superior stability and traction because the loader can maintain all wheels on the ground in rough terrain.

Wide tyres

Schaffer loaders have maximum tread on the ground for the ultimate in traction and less ground disturbance. The smallest mini loader has 12" wide tyres and front end and wheel loaders have 15" wide tread.

Easy controls

Schaffer loaders have simple controls - a joystick that controls all mast functions, forward and reverse and a steering wheel. As the controls are simple, multiple users can achieve high productivity quickly.

Speed on the job

Schaffer loaders work fast. Travel speed, apart from the smallest mini loader (15km/hr), is 20km/hr. Schaffer loaders can be further optioned to go even faster.

Built to last

Schaffer loaders are made to outlast the rest. Compare the pins, rams, chassis and mast thickness and you will quickly see they are the strongest on the market for minimum downtime and performance in the toughest conditions. The design of the oscillating bearings on the mast for longer pin life is just one of many features made to last.

Great all round visibility

Sitting on top of a loader gives an amazing all-round view, providing safer and faster productivity on the job site, especially in restricted areas. Because Schaffer loaders have the lowest operating height on the market, the operator can easily monitor ground conditions.

Four-poster hardtop or cabin ROPS/FOPS

All Schaffer loaders come standard with a four-poster hardtop ROPS/FOPS or air conditioned cabin straight from the factory. Models up to the 4350Z have a REMOVABLE hardtop, allowing access into restricted height areas lower than a skid steer, such as under carports. The operating height of the hardtops and cabins are the lowest on the market, allowing you to gain access to more areas to perform more work.

Quick attach

All Schaffer loaders come with a hydraulic quick attach tool frame as standard. Mini loaders and mini diggers feature manual quick attach. Skid steer substitutes, articulated loader, front end loader, and wheel loader models feature hydraulic quick attach as standard.

Over 50 tools to choose from!

Schaffer loaders are more versatile than a skid steer! The range includes 4-in-1 bucket, excavator hoe, auger, rake bucket, bulk bucket, log grab, rotating log grapple, trencher, slasher and more! Tools include Schaffer genuine, Digga, Himac Industries, Kerfab and custom built. Schaffer loaders use powerful hydraulic coolers, enabling all tools to function easily and smoothly without overheating.