Tyres - 15.0/55-17

Need some replacement tyres for your Schaffer?

At Schaffer we only stock tyres that support our loaders but many other vehicle owners also purchase from us.

As we specialise in a narrow range of sizes, sometimes we are VERY competitive in this market. Generally BKT are used but also Mitas and other brands.

Tyre sizes we stock include:

26/12-12 in Turf LG306 and Skid Power HD patterns in 8 & 12 ply (26x12-12)

31/15.5-15 in Skid Power HD and Trac Master patterns in 8 & 12 ply (31x15.5-15)

15.0/55-17 in AS504 and AW705 patterns in 10 & 14 ply (15.0x55-17)

Email us with your location, tyre size and quantity to [email protected] or ring 1300 88 21 61.