Schaffer Australia. German quality backed by Australian service.

schaffer loaders australia

It started with a chance meeting. Members of the Moir family from Agtech International got talking to a young European traveller who said that since being in Australia he had never seen the 'little red loaders' he remembered fondly from back home.

It turned out that the little red loaders were Schaffer loaders from Germany. On investigating further, the Moirs were so impressed with Schaffer's superior engineering, solid build and performance in tight spaces, they decided to import them. The first Schaffer loader was delivered to an Australian customer in 2005.

Seeing customers grow their businesses through the productivity boost of a Schaffer loader is something the team at Schaffer Australia finds rewarding - especially when customers return for their second or third Schaffer.

Schaffer Australia puts great emphasis on customer service and support, including the unique option of factory customisation.

Schaffer Australia is part of Agtech International, an agricultural and industrial product importer since 2002. Its owners have more than 30 years experience in the industry.