Schaffer Loaders. A proud history since 1956

When Heinrich Schaffer registered his Schaffer Maschinenfabrik in 1956 in Erwitte, Germany, he could never have envisaged the success story Schaffer Loaders would become.

Today Schaffer Loaders is Europe's most trusted name in loaders, with a growing international reputation based on over 50 years of German engineering excellence and customer service.

From the beginning, the customer has been central to this family company's ethos. Schaffer Loaders was not to be a mass producer focused only on quantity but a business tailored to each customer's individual requirements.

The company has grown dramatically, but this philosophy of personal service persists today with Schaffer's renowned factory customisation service.

Heinrich Schaffer died in 1979, having built a company steeped in the tradition of engineering excellence for which Germany is famous. The next generations of Heinrich's family now lead the company and have taken Schaffer's distinctive red loaders to every corner of the globe.

In 2005 Australia's Agtech International began importing Schaffer, filling a niche for compact, agile, world-class loaders backed by exceptional Australian service. The story continues...