Mini Loader 2026 - Schaffer mini loader Top of the Tree

Schaffer owners: Specialised Tree Services
Industry type: Arborists
Location: Grass Valley, Perth, Western Australia
Model: Articulated mini loader 2026
Accessories: Log grab, mulch bucket, 4-in-1 bucket
Usage: Loading logs and debris onto a truck after tree pruning as well as moving and loading firewood and woodchips
Requirement: A versatile, nimble articulated mini loader with the strength to lift logs without damaging pavers and lawns like a skid steer

When a dangerously dangling branch threatens life and limb, who are you going to call? In Perth, authorities like Main Roads, Western Power and local councils call Randle Beavis of Specialised Tree Services.

As one of Perth's leading tree surgeons, Randle's expert knowledge and chainsaw can deal with everything from tricky tree emergencies to routine maintenance in parks and gardens. Pruning and tree removal means there are large logs to remove from site, without any collateral damage. "We had tried using skid steers of various types but all they do is rip up pavers and people's lawn and it was costing us time and money to repair the damage," Randle explains.

To avoid such damage, Randle opted for an articulated mini loader instead. "We decided to trial a couple of articulated mini loaders, one of which we almost bought. Then Cameron Moir and Boya Equipment brought a Schaffer mini loader up to our worksite and did a demonstration with us with the mini loaders side by side. That made us realise that the Schaffer mini loader was just that far ahead of the competitor there was no comparison. So we bought the Schaffer."

While there is a perception that Schaffer's German quality comes with a high-end price tag, Randle says he saved $15,000 on the Schaffer mini loader deal compared to the competitor's mini loader brand.

A year down the track, Randle is still very happy with his Schaffer 2026 compact articulated mini loader. "It saves us time, it saves us money, productivity is greater. Our operators fight over who gets to use it. And the back-up from Schaffer and Boya has been excellent," he says.


Engine: Kubota D1105 - 26hp
Speed: 15km/hr
Operating weight: Including general purpose bucket - from 1500kg
Operating load: General purpose bucket (50% of fully articulated load) - 350kg;
pallet forks, even terrain - 400kg;
pallet forks, rough terrain - 300kg
Tipping load: Straight - 900kg