The most compact telescopic loaders with a very high lifting height and improved all-round view, that's what you get when you buy Schaffer's new models 670 T and 690 T. Whenever Schaffer's larger telescopic loaders of the 900 series are just too big, you will appreciate the new models of the 600 series.

With a height (at the cab) of no more than 2,320 mm and min. width of 1,570 mm, these loaders really come into their own when they are, well, in a tight spot. The max. lifting height is a stately 4,520 mm. But that's only the standard. Optionally, we also offer 4,950 mm. Thanks to the significantly lower swing coupling and central position of the cab, the driver has a perfect view of the attachment and to the sides. The optimal all-round view is 'rounded off' by a redesigned bonnet, now offering a perfect view to the back as well.

As for the working hydraulics: The driver can dose them now even more precisely than ever before. Specially designed controls offer an improvement that you can feel. Which is important for telescopic loaders, especially when you move heavy loads high up in the air.

Yet another improvement is the stronger engine, now running at 54 kW / 75 hp or 65 kW / 90 hp. Enough power for even the most sophisticated jobs.

Max. driving speed is 20 kph for the standard model. As an option, we also offer 30 kph. If so required by the customer, both versions can be equipped for road traffic.

A wide range of auxiliary equipment and attachments makes the new loaders truly versatile.

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