More power and comfort for long working days! The new articulated telescoping loaders 9310 T and 9330 T deliver ultimate performance and outstanding ergonomics. In a perfect way the loaders combine the manoeuvrability and good all-round view of a standard wheel loader with the lifting height and reach of a telescoping handler.

The driver enjoys in the centrally positioned "SCV" cab (Silence / Comfort / View) pure ergonomics. Thanks to the generous glazing the all round visibility is excellent. Instead of a small top window only, the front windscreen is drawn into the roof. Without the usual crossbar the view upward is also perfect. So the driver can handle roughest jobs in toughest environments perfectly safe and productive. The steering column is adjustable in height and angle. Everywhere inside the spacious cab the operator will find convenient storage facilities. Proportional auxiliary gives fine control over attachments such as muck grabs. Armrest and joystick form a unit with the seat. Disturbing nodding movements of the right arm belong to the past.

The new cab design take the noise level down pretty much. This is also contributed by the improved encapsulation of the diesel engine. The common rail Deutz engines with 75 kW (102 hp) and 95 kW (130 hp) are in accordance with the latest exhaust regulations and deliver maximum power. The adjustable hydrostatic four wheel drive will yield the best modulation thrust without end. Set up of all components of the drive train is perfect, so fuel is transferred effectively in power.

The maximum lifting height of the two new telescopic loaders is 5.25 m. The Ferro-Form sliding elements in the telescopic boom are indestructible. Like all Schaffer telescopic loaders also the 9310 T and 9330 T are equipped with an oscillating rear axle. Better stability and more power on the shovel when digging into compacted yard manure is the result. With up to 3.4 tonnes, the tipping load is at a very high level. The operating weight of the Schaffer telehandlers is 6.0 or 6.6 t. A wide range of tools and accessories completes the offer.