In the large yard loader comparison of the Lwk Weser-Ems in Germany 6 loaders of different manufacturers were examined.

When it comes to power and strength the undisputed test winner was the Schaffer mini loader 3033. The Schaffer mini loader 3033 was judged to have the highest lifting and pushing power of all the competitors. For some people it was a bit of a surprise to see that the well known skid steer loader in the test was not able to lift as much as the mini loader Schaffer. The skid steer even lifted less than the Schaffer mini loader in a fully articulated position.

If you compare the Schaffer mini loader result with the other articulated machines, the advantage becomes more clear. The lifting power measured 1800 daN in the Schaffer mini loader 3033 which was arround 450 daN ahead of the second best result. In the category pushing power the Schaffer mini loader lead was even bigger, the Schaffer mini loader took the first position again with 2050 daN. The second best machine was 800 daN behind.

It was no miracle that the Schaffer mini loader transported 100 tonnes of material during the test in a simulated load enterprise over 50 meters approximately 30 % faster than the other loaders. During the evaluation of handling, comfort and security the Schaffer mini loader 3033 also played an outstanding role. In 13 different criteria e.g. seat, parallel guide, oil fill up position, foot pedal and so on the Schaffer mini loader was evaluated with good or very good. In these 13 positions all other test participants on average were more badly judged. The test report the LwK confirms also the consistent business policy of Schaffer. All models and series are developed and manufactured on the same high quality standards. Finally it is the benefit of the customer, who receives a safe, comfortable and strong mini loader.