Mini Loader Schaffer 3033 - better building with multi-tasking

Schaffer owners: The Building Workshop
Industry type: Builders
Location: Leederville, Perth, Western Australia
Model: Articulated mini loader 3033
Accessories: Pallet fork, rake bucket, general purpose bucket
Usage: Tasks around building sites from unloading and moving pallets of bricks to building limestone walls, carrying out earthworks and cleaning up
Requirement: A versatile, robust machine that can multi-task on building sites

Robert Genovese, proprietor of The Building Workshop, reckons his Schaffer 3033 compact mini loader is pretty handy at multi-tasking around a building site and it doesn't even stop to ogle an attractive girl.

As a builder of shopping centres and commercial buildings, versatility was top of the wish list when choosing his mini loader. "We never had our own machinery before," Robert says. After seeing the German-made Schaffer mini loaders at Boya Equipment when looking at other equipment, he made the decision to purchase a 3033.

Since then, the compact mini loader has been in constant use, unloading pallets of bricks and materials, erecting limestone walls, doing minor earthworks and cleaning up rubbish on all kinds of building projects.

According to Robert, the Schaffer 3033 mini loader is a pocket rocket, with plenty of brute strength despite its small size. "It's got a very good load capacity, it can lift around a tonne quite high.

"It's also got a good reach on the bar that holds the bucket, which is superior to a skid steer. That's particularly useful when we're building limestone walls. We can lift and reach out further and easily backfill because we can reach over the wall."

Ease of operation is a bonus. "The real beauty of the articulated loader is that anybody can hop on with minimal instructions because it's very easy to operate - and very safe," he adds.


Engine: Kubota D1403 - 33hp
Speed: Single speed, 15 km/hr
Wheels and tyres: 31x15.5-15
Total width: 1400mm
Bucket pivot point: 2950mm
ROPS: Fold-down ROPS with canopy