Schaffer owners: Kimberley Tree Service Pty Ltd
Industry type: Tree management and land clearing
Location: Kununurra, Western Australia
Model: Articulated mini loader 2026
Accessories: 4-in-1 bucket, mulch bucket, grapple
Usage: Loading logs and debris onto a truck after tree pruning or tree felling as well as moving and loading firewood and woodchips
Requirement: A versatile, nimble machine with the strength to lift logs without damaging pavers and lawns like a skid steer

David Storrs' profits are up. And he puts it down to his small but muscular new workmate the Schaffer 2026 mini loader. David runs Kimberley Tree Service, a block clearing and tree lopping business in Western Australia's Kimberley, and he says work is now easier, faster and more lucrative.

Before taking delivery of his new mini loader, David had to employ a skid steer contractor every time he took on a big land clearing or tree removal job. That meant half his profits were consumed in costs from the get-go.

Not only that, but David found the skid steer would damage and compact the ground, which took a lot of time and money to repair.

He says the difference using his new Schaffer 2026 mini loader was dramatically illustrated by a job removing and pruning trees and cleaning up around a local school. We used the mini loader as a shuttle all around the school, we loaded firewood and logs and rakings, and in the end you couldn't tell where we'd been, David says.

If I hadn't had the Schaffer loader I would have had to get a skid steer in, the ground damage would have been incredible, it would have needed top dressing and would have been a horrible mess.

At just 1250mm wide, the Schaffer 2026 is the baby of the Schaffer mini loader fleet and can dart into seemingly inaccessible spaces. Yet it exerts incredible muscular strength, proving it's no lightweight in lifting capacity.

David is also the first person in Australia to trial a grapple on his mini loader for Schaffer. Basically it's like a thumb and two fingers, one can fit inside the other, it opens out to 1200mm and closes to about 180mm, he explains.

He says the grapple worked miracles on a recent job loading palm fronds with very tight side access. I could lift up 50 fronds at one time, then reverse all the way through the drive and you could get the whole lot out in one hit and straight in the back of the truck. It's a huge labour saving.


Engine: Kubota D1105 - 26hp
Speed: 15km/h
Operating weight: 1500kg with GP bucket
Operating load: GP bucket (50% of fully articulated) 350kg, pallet forks, even terrain - 400kg,pallet forks, rough terrain - 300kg
Tipping load: straight - 900kg