The new Schaffer 9100 Z is a compact wheel loader that is capable of extremely high elevation and power capacity; it is therefore ideally suited for filling Bio-gas installations or large feed mixers.

The performance of the 9100 Z is impressive: The loading capacity is over 3 t and depending on the model this may be raised to an elevation of 3.8 m. For a wheel loader that only weighs a little over 5 t that is an impressive and unrivalled performance. In addition, the loader is fitted with Z - Kinematics as standard so that, for example when working on the feed silo the critical break away force is equally great.

The rear axel of the 9100 Z is freely suspended which greatly increases the stability and durability of the machine. Another positive aspect is that the whole weight of the machine acts on the shovel so that the performance when pushing or loading is increased.

The height of the machine is only 2.46 m at the cabin and has a width of just 1.78 m.

The motor cover has been matched to the new design of the Schaffer telescopic loaders. The field of vision to the rear for the operator is exceptionally good. To the front, the vision is equally good due to the conical design of the arms.

The propulsion is supplied by the newest generation of Deutz motors with a choice of 73 kW/100 PS or 95 kW/130 PS, the Schaffer 9100 Z is more than adequate for the most demanding situations. A maximum top speed of 32 km/h is offered as an option. Registration for road use poses no problem and so the place of working may be quickly and easily reached.

With a wide program of extra equipment and tooling, the 9100 Z is a versatile and universal piece of equipment.

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