At 50hp, the Schaffer 2445S mini digger is based on one of the most popular models in Schaffer's Australian range offering impressive strength in a compact package. Engineered and built in Germany for Australian conditions, Schaffer's compact class loaders are renowned as best of breed.

The Mini Digger 2445S is the smallest Schaffer with a true drive shaft which more efficiently transfers engine power into the highest torque at the wheels. To further increase pushing power a two speed - low and high range shift-on-the-go hydrostatic is now standard to give even more pushing power for the hardest jobs.

Schaffer Wheel Loader 2445 S

Full Technical Specifications

Mini Digger 2445S Tech Spec
Diesel motor Kubota 3 cylinder turbo
Output 37 kW (50 hp)
Operating weight with GP bucket 2550 kg
Standard tyres 31x15.5-15 SKD/Tracmaster
Ply rating 8 or 12 ply
Service brake Combination hydrostatic & service free multiple disk
Parking brake: Multiple disk in oil bath
Auxiliary flow (options available) 16 cc - 45 lpm
Working pressure 220 bar
Steering Articulated
Hydraulic lifting power 1900 kg
ISO 14397-1 operating loads with GP bucket
Static tipping load straight 2,420-2,570 kg
Static tipping load articulated 1,575 kg
Operating load with GP bucket (50% artic tip load) 870 kg
Data with loading fork - centre of gravity 500mm
Static tipping load straight 1,900 kg
Static tipping load articulated with forks 1,360 kg
Payload according to EN474-3, 60%/80% 816/1,088 kg
Payload 80%, transport position fully lowered, articulated
Axles Original Schaffer Axles 6 bolt
Differential Star gear with limited slip differentials front and rear
Oscillation Articulation joint
Speed 20 km/hr
Gears High/low range
Fuel capacity 50 litres
Oil reservoir 48 litres


Mini Digger 2445S


Axle Base (mm) 1880


Chassis length (mm) 3445


Total length with bucket (mm) 4185


Excavating depth (mm) 105


Maximum working height (mm) 3230


Max. bucket pivot point 2500


Max. loading height with pallet fork (mm) 2360


Dumping height - depends on bucket (mm) 1700


Samson post height (mm) 1490


Dump reach (mm) 260


Seat height (mm) 1160


Height with Hardtop (mm) 2150mm


Width over tyres (mm) 1500mm (other options)


Track arc inside (mm) 1230


Track arc outside (mm) 2330


External radius with std bucket (mm) 2710

Features and benefits at a glance


Schaffer Mini Loader 2345 working in a nursery in Perth, Australia.

Schaffer Loaders mini digger 2345 official video clip moving stack of solid pavers.

Mini Digger 2345 aborists video - tree work loppers, arborists, nursery & landscaping

Features and benefits

About Schaffer mini diggers.

Schaffer mini diggers are considered the best in the world, so it's not surprising that the compact class is one of Schaffer's most successful loader series ever.

Engineered and manufactured in Germany, Schaffer mini diggers have been cleverly designed to perform in the tightest spaces.

With an overall standard width of just 1500mm, the Schaffer 2445S mini digger can enter previously inaccessible sites so that manual work can be mechanised.

Work can be done faster and more easily, which means vastly improved productivity and profitability for you and your business.

Mini Digger 2445S with removeable hardtop

Who uses Schaffer mini diggers?

Schaffer mini diggers are improving productivity in agriculture, horticulture, landscape gardening, backyard earthworks, arboriculture, earthmoving, construction, mining, local councils and many other industries.

A wide range of equipment and attachments enables Schaffer mini diggers to be adapted for almost any task.

Designed and built with more muscle power.

Do you want the greatest breakout and lifting forces? Schaffer delivers.

Our expert engineers use the latest 3D computer-aided design, optimised by years of experience, to create the strongest mini diggers on the market.

Everything about them is heavy duty, giving you peace of mind that you have invested in an industrial build mini digger that is going to last and get the job done with an absolute minimum of maintenance.

Mini digger operating weights start at 2250kg (plus bucket), and the pins, rams, chassis and whole machine are made for years of smooth operation. It's quality German engineering all the way.

Mini Digger arm (drawing/arm combined)

Oscillating articulation joints for comfort and safety.

The Schaffer oscillating articulation joint is a unique proven system that Schaffer has used for over 20 years. It has two massive advantages - it aids traction by allowing all wheels to stay on the ground in rough terrain and improves operator comfort because it acts like a suspension system.

You're not bounced around every time you go over a bump, so you can work faster and more productively. And it's much easier on your back.

Another important benefit is that Schaffer's oscillating articulation joints are totally maintenance free. Doing away with daily lubrication dramatically reduces your workload.

In addition, Schaffer's exclusive oscillating articulation joints are a sealed system, so sand and dirt can't enter and turn the grease into a paste that will cause friction to wear down the joints.

In fact, the joints are virtually indestructible. That's why we offer you the longest warranty in the loader business on this component of three years or 3000 operating hours.

Mini Digger oscillating articulation joint.

Schaffer and Kubota - partners for 25 years.

Schaffer has worked in partnership with Kubota, the world's leading producer of water-cooled diesel motors under 100hp, for more than 25 years.

The excellent torque of a Kubota motor delivers exceptional performance - quiet, economical, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly.

The newest generation of motors have been further improved with lower fuel consumption and emission levels. Kubota was the first manufacturer to meet the strict regulations on exhaust emissions in California - a measure of Kubota's green credentials.

A unique pre-chamber system means a motor can easily be converted to cold-pressed vegetable oil without a separate diesel fuel tank. Kubota motors are future-proof!

The long partnership between Kubota and Schaffer has advantages when it comes to service and spare parts. No other compact loader producer offers such reliable service.

Kubota motor.

Everything simply works with a joystick.

The Schaffer 2445S mini digger uses a Kubota diesel motor V1505 Turbo that transfers power to the hydrostatic drive and Schaffer axles to create the highest traction force.

The mini digger 2445S is the first Schaffer with a two speed shift-on-the go, high and low range hydrostatic. This gives a faster top speed of 20 km/hr AND low range grunt when its required.

All Schaffer loaders, including the mini digger range, have hydrostatic 4WD, so they can be operated very easily. Forward and reverse is simply changed with a switch on the joystick: select your direction and start smoothly with any load and accelerate to the maximum speed.

The outstanding ease of operation makes the mini diggers very manoeuvrable and allows the operator to concentrate on the job at hand for maximum productivity.

The hydrostatic drive provides high pushing power, faster travel speed and effortless control. The transmission also incorporates powerful engine braking for accurate operation in confined spaces.

Mini Digger driver's cockpit.

The best hydraulics on the market.

Schaffer uses only industrial quality Bosch/Rexroth hydraulics, renowned as the leading brand of hydraulics in the world. Bosch is backed up in Australia with its own specialist network.

Mini Digger Bosch/Rexroth hydraulics.

Auxiliary controls for 4-in-1 bucket and attachments.

Schaffer loaders have electric auxiliary controls as standard in most models. This allows the operator to keep one hand on the steering wheel and use the other hand to control all mast functions with the joystick. Your hand never needs to come off the steering wheel so safety and productivity are improved.

Electric auxiliary controls allow the operator to reach down with their 4-in-1 or grab bucket and grab at the same time, making every job simple and more productive.

For more information on attachments, see here.

Mini Digger joystick with electric auxiliary controls.

Clear visibility for efficiency and a safer ride.

You can really see what you're doing when you drive a Schaffer.

Front visibility is excellent thanks to the narrow, conical loading arm, which tapers from narrower at the mount to wider at the tool. The positioning of the hydraulic cylinders, centrally located in the loading arm, also enhances your vision.

Only on Schaffer loaders are hydraulic cylinders freely suspended with spherical bearings instead of fixed pins so they will give you years of trouble-free operation.

Mini Digger mast.

A driving position that drives productivity.

Schaffer mini diggers have the driving position at the rear, the same as large industrial loaders.

This has important benefits. For instance, when reversing in tight areas you know which way you are going because the rear isn't swinging like a trailer.

Not only that, but with the cabin area at the rear it feels more spacious and less cramped, enhancing ergonomics, comfort, morale and productivity for the driver.

In fact, all industrial loaders are now built with the operator sitting on the rear chassis because driving is so much easier. This contributes to the speed and ease of work.

Mini Digger driving position.

Schaffer axles for incredible pushing power.

The axles are one of the most important components of a loader - they must carry heavy loads and transfer the high torque of the hydrostatic power into pushing force over many years.

Original Schaffer axles are designed for each particular loader model - that's the secret of their outstanding pushing power, as proved by independent tests.

The Schaffer mini digger 2445S has Limited Slip Differentials front and back as an option. When the going gets muddy or tough, your Schaffer will keep on going through the hardest conditions.

Most manufacturers only use wheel motors, which are unable to be geared down for maximum torque. But Schaffer mini diggers use true differentials, the same as an industrial loader or car, which is why they outpush the rest.

The 2445S is also the smallest Schaffer available with a true drive shaft which more efficiently transfers engine power into the highest torque at the wheels. Wheel motors have large loses in efficiency - it's the reason all large loaders on the market use a drive shaft. Schaffer has taken this principle and created a compact loader with the highest pushing forces on the market.

Mini Digger heavy duty axles.

Rollover protection system & FOPS Hardtop now standard!

The Schaffer standard ROPS/FOPS on the mini digger range is an AS certified removable hardtop. It allows the operator to undo just eight bolts so the loader can travel at head height, allowing access to very low buildings.

The hardtop is standard for protection from the sun's ultraviolet rays to enhance driver safety and comfort in Australian conditions.

Mini Digger ROPS/FOPS removable hardtop.

Maximum traction with wide, heavy duty tyres.

The Schaffer mini digger has 31x15.5-15 inch heavy duty tyres as standard. These come in a variety of patterns including 12 ply SKD with rim guard, AS and multitrac used in sand/turf applications.

These tyres give 15 inches of tread on the ground, maximising traction and flotation.

Skinny transport tyres can also be used to make the loader just 1020mm wide to travel down the side of houses before changing back to standard tyres.

Mini Digger tyres.

Tipping height - a choice of masts available

The Schaffer 2445S mini digger has a pivot point of 2500mm (other models with higher dumping heights available). The 4-in-1 bucket allows for an even higher reach.

There's no need to waste time telescoping out each time to dump so this model is very popular for earthworks. The rigid Schaffer mast is simpler and a lot stronger - made from 20mm plate!

Mini Digger tipping.

Safety - simply ahead of the rest.

At Schaffer, we are committed to your safety. A reverse beeper and safety strobe are both standard.

You are set up for construction site work from the get-go.

Mini Digger safety features.

Over 50 attachments to power through every job.

Over 50 tools turn your Schaffer mini digger into a productive workhorse able to do any job.

The list includes a 4-in-1, bulk buckets, pallet forks, augers, trenchers, rotary hoes, slashers, grab buckets and much more.

The cooling pack on every Schaffer has been designed in Germany for Aussie conditions enabling you to keep your hydraulics cool so they last over the long term.

Quality and service guaranteed.

Schaffer loaders rarely require more than routine service but it's reassuring to know that all Schaffer loaders are backed by our Australian service division which offers original Schaffer replacement parts and expertise.

Mini Digger spare parts.